one of the reasons i dont come on here often anymore is i see too much of this shit

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Ceremony // 7.15.14


Deafheaven. Great American Music Hall, San Francisco. July 3 2014.

Photo by Adrian Discipulo

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I’m a pile of bones,
empty and disposable
don’t you dare fucking tell me I’m too pretty
tell me about your fear of loss
right before walking out

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Veinna, Austria // Flip Europe Trip - Day 7

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I’ve been lead to the end, but made my way back from there to breathe again while the world plays dead. They spread like disease, so viciously. I know I must grow like the sun. To live, to love, to love, to loathe. A quiet war doesn’t equal peace. You are the dirt I’ll wipe off my shoulders. You’re the lie I never believed. I know where this will take us, let’s hope you know where it will leave you. To live to love, to love to loathe. A quiet war doesn’t equal peace. These tired eyes know where you’ve been. Blind man keeps staring into the light there’s only darkness to be found.



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at the end of your life,
your useless,
worthless life,
you will regret your time

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