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I always thought I’d be the same ten years on 
never kept track of season’s change, nights were long, days were gone 
never witnessed the sun rise, just the fall 
I miss the sound of leaves cracking under my feet 
it sounds so beautiful 

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iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook // 3

"I will commit suicide at the very peak of our desperate love. So it will never get the chance to weaken or fade. And you will do the same only to immortalize our unified hearts. And so that every moment and memory will remain fresh in both of our minds. And this will be ours. Forever like the stars."

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the saddest landscape | ‘the sixth golden ticket’

'we mouthed the words to all of the saddest songs because they felt like home'

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fuck this episode was awesome

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Joy Division // She’s Lost Control
Unknown Pleasures [1979]

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